Teach your children English at home.

English for children via WattsEnglish method – a comprehensive and complex education developed in cooperation with psychologists, teachers and linguists. We combined WattsEnglish and our e-learning method and created a unique online English course for children – WattsEnglish ONLINE.

What can you experience in the course?

WattsEnglish ONLINE
is not about studying. It’s about entertainment, child smile and adventure. You play, dance, sing, jump, run, paint, imitate, listen, complete tasks… You do everything but force your children to learn English. This comes just like that.

If our parents knew…

1. Neurological surveys prove that the children’s brain is able to absorb any foreign language naturally.

2. At the age of 2 the brain starts to create its structure and language centres are created. That is why it is easier to set it up for a new language.

3. This ability starts to fade after the age of 6.

4. Adopting the foreign language in that period is more natural and more simple for the children than for the adults. If someone had tought me when I was young, I wouldn’t study now…

The best for your children

… We can’t take back time. As a team of tutors, that have their own small children and found families, we decided to develop a course for our children. We worked hard on the course. We discovered a method developed by the British company WattsEnglish specializing on English education for children. Comprehensive and complex education was developed in cooperation with psychologists, tutors and linguists. The WattsEnglish method is used by more than 8000 children in more than 300 kindergartens in the Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia and other European countries. We have combined this WattsEnglish method with our e-learning environment and a unique English online course WattsEnglish ONLINE has been created.

“Daddy? What about Steve and Maggie today? You can’t resist this… :-)”

Dad Filip H. and his 4-year Sofinka, Prague

“We are excited! We’ve got two children that want to get back to the English songs and videos over and over.
I am so glad they’ve created so positive relationship to another language thanks to your method.”

Mum Agnieszka J. and twins Emma and Samuel, Wroclaw

Course contains

English Children’s world full of games and entertainment

Education full of gaming, joyful videos, songs, colourings and other kinds of exercices and playful revisions. Children will love their new friend – native speaker Steve!

3 times a week 20 minutes

Children are able to keep their attention and to stay fully focused for exactly 20 minutes. Thanks to the ordinary touch with English children build their natural habit to learn and adopt the foreign language.

Offline activities and documents to download

The course contains the offline activities with documents to download (work sheets, colouring pictures, picture cards, pairs and more) and motion activities.

Parent the teacher

The parent is lead step by step. Thanks to the high-developed method the parent becomes the teacher and does not have to have any qualification or English skills. Each activity is described clearly in his mother tongue.

MP3 records

You can download songs, vocabulary or even rhymes in MP3 and listen to them when driving.

Time spent together – priceless

The course is not built as a regular English education but as an inspiring leisure time activity. Children learn English unwittingly.

Simply entertaining

ok Natural adoption of the language (children can adopt English as naturally as their mother tongue).

ok Education via fairy tails. Children understand them and enjoy them.

ok No English skills needed. Children learn from video through songs, rhymes, games and exercices and not from parents themselves.

ok The course is lead by a native speaker Steve and a magpie Maggie who children will love.

ok Simple and intuitive use.

ok English hours rapidly increase.

English everywhere you are

WattsEnglish ONLINE is available on all devices. You can study on your PC, tablet even on your mobile.
Go through the course with your children whenever and wherever you are online.

You can see your children excited right after the first meeting with Steve and Maggie. Children’s first interest in English, when their start to name the objects around and find out how to say another one, is apparent in 5 days.

With us you can teach your children English.

15-year proven method

15-year proven method of teaching English for children used in hundreds of kindergartens at your place.

Powerful motivating form of education

Children don’t want to stop. They look forward to English. They don’t care they learn, they find it natural. They revise and imitate what they see and hear. They lap up English and built a good relationship to the foreign language.

We lead you through the course

No need to worry. We lead you step by step. Whatsmore, you know your children better then any teacher in the world and you can create natural and real situations to use English.

Stories of parents and their children

“Children enjoy WattsEnglish a lot, they look forward to it. I think this is the right way.”

Andrea Fišerová, Pilsen, Czech Republic

“Thank you for the opportunity to develop langauge skills of my children at home. I’m not a teacher but due to your precise leadership it is easy for me to revise vocabulary and understand.”

Kristýna Weissová, Košice, Slovakia

“It suprised me that our hyperactive son, who’s restless all the time, can keep focused for 20 minutes of WattsEnglish.

Alicja Boruc, Poznan, Poland

“I have got a time-consuming job so I can see my Honzík only in the evening after I get back. I appreciate that the course gives us 20 common minutes of useful activities. We always discover something new, have fun, play games, run, jump… And that we learn English in addition? That’s a great bonus.”

Andrej Halák, Zvolen, Slovakia

“We started a few days ago and I’ve never expected we could look forward to English.”

Adéla Rejlová, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

“This is not just English. This is a great diverse leisure time activity you spend with children. Taking my hat off to the developers.”

Maria Lewa, Lodz, Poland

What children learn in only 20 minutes in their childhood that takes an adult even 10 hours and costs ten times more.

Count us in

What costs to teach your children English

1. The best way is to travel abroad – this costs you a fortune…
2. Or you can pay someone who can communicate in English with your children every day. So you pay each month 100 EUR for 20 minutes of daily communication.
3. If you are lucky you find a language kindergarten in your neighbourhood and you can place your children there. You pay 200 EUR as a half-year fee.
4. It’s 33 EUR per month, then. In the kindergarten the English lessons are held once a week for 60 minutes.
5.Or you can enjoy common time in natural environment and at home with WattsEnglish ONLINE.

What you get?

ok 3 months of English for children in age of 3 – 6

ok Offline documents to download

ok MP3 records to download

ok Native speakers

ok Proven education method how to teach children

How much is it?

All this just for the price of a barbie doll

37 EUR
Was 55 EUR

Supported price is valid for the first 50 customers
Only 36 courses available for the supported price on January, 7th 2016

* VAT included
** No other price reduction possible

Free minicourse

Speaking from our own experience, we know there are lots of programmes and applications for children that unfortunately don’t work. That’s why we believe that you appreciate a two-day English minicourse for children. Have fun with our minicourse where you don’t even realize you learn with children.

Quality guaranteed

Do not miss

ok The most popular English course in the Czech Republic.

ok Inspired by beginners themselves.

ok Even you can have it.

WattsEnglish ONLINE authors

WattsEnglish ONLINE course for children was developed in cooperation with the British company specializing on the English education for children with proven method of WattsEnglish, having long-time experience, with ONLINE jazyky – a specialist on the online langauge education.

You either do it in the old way as we did it or you do it in other way...

You risk nothing.
100% refund guaranteed.

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