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English for kids – WOW Blue B


Course for 5-7 years kids.

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The final part of the blue video course continues to build upon the child’s active and passive knowledge of the English language while introducing parts of speech beyond listing simple nouns to enable you child to describe what they see in English. Engaging stories and catchy songs are the hall marks of the wow series and this installment doesn’t disappoint!


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    “I read reviews but don’t usually bother leaving one as endless praise is pointless with out knowing how or why something is worth it, but I want to leave a great review here for this wonderful course and give a little detail as to why I like it. We signed our son up for English lessons at a local language school. It was obvious he really enjoyed them and his teacher said he was doing well but we could never get a word out of him at home to find out what he could actually say/understand in English. That was until we found this online course. Its funny to see, but I guess perfectly normal, that he would readily ‘talk’ to Steve in English but not me! Soon however the floodgates opened and he started using the language he learnt from this online course and the course he attends at the local language school! I’m one happy parent!!!”

    Kyoko (Saitama, Japan)

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