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English for kids – WOW Red B


Course for 6-8 years kids.

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The second half of Wow Red, presented here is a fitting conclusion to the materials created by WattsEnglish intended for very young learners. Emphasis is placed on helping children become vocal in expressing their likes, dislikes and personal feelings. With natural, contextualized language throughout this and all Wow courses, your child’s active vocabulary and passive knowledge of English is sure to be high with a solid feel for the stress, rhythm and pronunciation patterns of the English language.


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    “A wonderful course but with one complaint! I can’t get the songs out of my head! However I am willing to overlook this as my 5 year old loves them too and wants to sing along with Steve and Maggie again and again. She can sing most songs even without the video. Wow!”

    Elvira (Mexico)

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