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English for kids – WOW Yellow B


Course for 3-6 years kids.

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Following on directly from Wow Yellow A, this course continues to build on the positive start your child has made in becoming bilingual. Your child should now be familiar with how to navigate the online course and keen to see more adventures with Steve and Maggie, leaving you to enjoy and experience the learning process you child doesn’t even realize they are on!


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    “I did the free sample material on my own and wasn’t immediately impressed. I thought the language used was over complicated and too fast for my child, who doesn’t speak English at all. But when my little boy started watching he was captivated and was totally untroubled by it all. He was soon repeating the phrases with Steve and wanted to do things again and again. Imagine my surprise when he started using other words and phrases that he’d picked up from the videos and games! It looks like it’s just me that’s worried about understanding every word! Scepticism gone! A fan is born :)”

    Franc (Munich, Germany)

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