Reunión de negocios

El propósito de las reuniones de negocios es la discusión de un tema en particular, asunto o problema con la intención de compartir información y encontrar posibles soluciones.

Hay 3 razones para hablar en esta reunión:

  • Hacer una pregunta
  • Expresar su opinión
  • Para pedir una explicación o aclaración de lo discutido

Hacer una pregunta
En relación con el tipo de reunión podemos hacer preguntas en cualquier momento durante el debate, después de tomar la palabra o en la finalización del debate.

  • I have a question… Tengo una pregunta…
  • This begs the question… Esto plantea la pregunta …
  • Let me ask you a question. Déjeme hacerle una pregunta.
  • The questions is,… La pregunta es, …
  • Can I ask a question? ¿Puedo hacer una pregunta?
  • There is some question as to what is the best strategy. Hay algunas dudas en cuanto a cuál es la mejor estrategia.

Expresar su opinión

  • Can I make a suggestion? ¿Puedo hacer una sugerencia?
  • I am afraid we could only accept this on one condition. Me temo que sólo podría aceptar esta con una condición.
  • I’afraid this really doesn’t solve our problem. Me temo que esto realmente no resuelve nuestro problema.
  • Another option would be… Otra opción sería …
  • Alternatively, we could… Como alternativa, podríamos …
  • Couldn’t we… ? ¿No podríamos…?
  • The answer could be… La respuesta podría ser …
  • Why don’t we… ? ¿Por qué no…?
  • The way I see things,… La manera en que yo veo las cosas, …

Solicitud de explicación o aclaración de lo discutido

  • Let me get this quite clear. Permítame aclararle.
  • Could you give us an idea of what you’re looking for? ¿Podría darnos una idea de lo que está buscando?
  • What sort of figure are we talking about? ¿De qué tipo de cantidad estamos hablando?
  • Let me get this quite clear. Permítanme que les aclare.
  • I’m having a problem understanding you. Tengo problemas para entenderle.
  • Can you clarify… ? ¿Puede aclarar…?
  • I didn’t catch that. No he entendido eso.
  • I don’t quite follow you. No consigo seguirle.
Michael: I’d like to welcome you to our meeting, thanks for coming… Let’s keep this meeting fairly brief. Who’s going to keep the minutes today?
Sarah: Me
Michael: OK. If we are all here, let’s get started. First of all, I’d like to introduce Margaret Peterson who recently joined our team.
Margret Peterson: Thank you for having me, I’m looking forward to today’s meeting.
Michael: Let’s get started. The subject for our meeting is sales improvement in Slovak market areas. Paul has kindly agreed to give us a report on this matter. Paul?
Paul Lancaster: Before I begin the report, I’d like to get some ideas from you all. How do you feel about Slovak sales in your sales areas? I suggest we go round the table first to get all of your input.
Sam: In my opinion, we have been focusing too much on western countries. The way I see things, we need to use the same advertising campaign we use in western countries.
Anna: I’m afraid I can’t agree with you. I think Slovak customers want to feel important. I suggest we make new advertising campaign focused on their particular needs. Let’s give our Slovak sales teams more help with advanced customer information reporting.
Danny: Excuse me, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat that, please?
Anna: I just stated that we need to give our Slovak sales teams better customer information reporting.
Sam: I don’t quite follow you. What exactly do you mean?
Anna: Well, we provide our sales staff in western area with database information on all of our larger clients. We should be providing the same sort of knowledge on our Slovak customers to our sales staff there.
Jack Peterson: Would you like to add anything, Thomas?
Thomas: I must admit I never thought about Slovak sales that way before. I have to agree with Anna.
Michael: Unfortunately, we’re running short of time. We’ll be having another meeting, but there are a couple of conflicts in the diary so I think the best thing is if I email the date of the next meeting.

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