The story begins when a student of literature Anastasia Steele goes to make an interview with a famous millionaire Christian Grey. They like each other from the first moment. Anna has nearly any experience with men, but she wants Christian and she starts to love him. He wants her too, but doesn’t want to have a “normal“ relationship with her. His needs are different and strange. He also controls everything and everybody. Anna is not sure if she wants this, but she can’t resist him…

Fifty Shades of Grey is really interesting film full of passion.

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The story begins when a literature student Anastasia Steele goes to make an interview with a famous and incredibly handsome millionaire Christian Grey.  From the first moment is obvious, that they are strongly attracted to each other. Anna has nearly any experiences with men, but she wants to get closer to Christian, because she starts to love him. Christian is fascinated by her purity and innocence, he also wants her, but he is not use to have a “normal” relationship. His tastes are a little different and twisted and he is obsessed by control. Anna hesitates to fulfil his conditions, but she can’t resist him…

Fifty Shades of Grey is a film full of passion, secrets and unexpected turning points.


incredibly – in a way that is very difficult to believe
handsome – (of men) attractive
obvious – easy to see or understand
purity – the state or quality of being pure
innocence – lack of knowledge and experience of the world, especially of evil or unpleasant things
twisted – not normal; strange in an unpleasant way
obsessed –  to completely fill your mind so that you cannot think of anything else, in a way that is not normal
hesitate –  to be worried about doing something, especially because you are not sure that it is right
resist – to stop yourself from doing something you very much want to do
passion – a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger, enthusiasm, etc.
turning point – the time when an important change takes place, usually with the result that a situation improves

Related Grammar

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