If you want to be a good leader, you need to have some important traits. If you don’t have them, you can gain them during the life and thanks to the experiences. But not everyone can be a leader. And many people don’t realize that. Here are some traits, that you should have, if you want to be a really good leader.

Strength is the number one. But you can’t mistake it with an impoliteness. If you want to be powerful and capable leader, you need to be strong. Some people may think you are rude, but if you know the right limit, you don’t need to bother with that.

Kindness is the thing, that the most people appreciate. If you know how to kindly behave, you don’t need much more. If you need to say someone the unpleasant truth, they take it better when you show kindness.

The good leader is always in the first row. If there is any problem you need to be the first, who face it. So let’s be bold, but not a bully.

You also can’t be arrogant, but you need to be proud. The worst kind of arrogance is ignorance. You can be smart and arrogant, but you can’t be arrogant and ignorant, you just can’t.

Humour is one of the things you can use, but in a small amount. You can be witty but not silly.

All those traits may work for one leader, but it doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Don’t forget that.

Not everyone can become a good leader. You need to have some special traits and skills. A skill is what you can gain during your life and through your experience. However those special traits are something, you need to have in yourself. But if you don’t have them from the beginning, you can still be a good leader, but you have to change. Here we have some things, you should have to become a capable leader.

You need to know how to deal with people. Impoliteness is not allowed, but you need to be strong. There is a thin line between strength and rudeness, so beware and don’t fall into the bad side.

Kindness is another good trait you should have when you deal with people. But you also can’t be too kind, because people may think you are weak and they can take advantage of it.

A good leader always stands in front of the group. He takes the first bullet and he also takes responsibility for his team. But you can’t think, you are the special one because of that and bully your team. That’s not how it works.

Arrogance is one of the most common traits, that bad leaders have. But it could possibly be ok, when you are smart enough. You can’t be arrogant and ignorant together, that’s a deadly combination.

All those things should work, if you want to be a really good leader. But there are also many other traits that can destroy your plans.


Become – To grow or come to be
Trait – A characteristic or condition that is determined by one’s genes
Skill – special ability
Capable – having power and ability
Deal – To behave in a specified way toward another or others
Beware – To be cautious
Kind – Having or showing a friendly nature
Advantage – Benefit or profit
Responsibility – Something for which one is responsible; a duty
Bully – to intimidate or terrorize
Deadly – Extreme or terrible



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