Problems with parking? Not for BMW

The new BMW parking assistant was introduced at CES 2015 (Consumer Electronic Show).

Using of the system is really easy. You just have to leave your car and activate the system by the special wristwatch. Your car will find parking place on its own. After your return, you will activate the system again and your car will drive for you.

This technology uses four lasers, which are connected to the digital maps. These lasers also protect your car against hitting something or even someone.

Moreover, the BMW system can help you during driving, when some danger appears. System takes control over your car.

Související gramatické výklady

The Past Tense

Having problems with parking? Not for BMW drivers anymore

BMW carmakers invented a fully-automated Parking Assistant, which was presented at CES 2015 (Consumer Electronic Show).

Operating of the Assistant is really easy. The only thing you have to do is to get out of the car and simply activate the system by the special wristwatch. Your car will find a parking place will be “waiting” there up to your return.

This brand new technology is based on the use of four lasers connected to the detailed digital maps. These lasers serve not only for the parking process itself, but also for recognizing oncoming traffic, obstacles and pedestrians.

The BMW system has also many advantages on the open road. For example it takes control over the wheel and applies the brakes in the case of emergency.


get out – to leave or go out of a place
oncoming – coming towards you
obstacle – an object blocking a way
pedestrian – a person walking in the street

Související gramatické výklady

The Past Tense



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