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Rainbow and It’s Colours

Everybody likes a rainbow and it's colours. Steve invited us for a walk under the rainbow. Watch the video and see what happend.

We Are Throwing Big Dice

We like games and we often use a die. Steve has got one big die. He is going to play with Maggie. Join them in the game.

Enchanted Furniture

What is going on? His furniture is enchanted. Let's unravel it and learn a few new words with Steve.

What animals do you like?

Watch English funny video and learn the names of your favourite animals. Steve and Agatha will them to us.

Steve and his toys

Le's have a look at Steve's favourite toys. He will show them to you and sing a song at the same time.

We are going on a picnic to the forest

Steve and Maggie have gone on a picnic today. The forest is full of animals, which made the picnic quite complicated. You will see in the funny video.
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