We are going to the circus


Have you ever been to the circus? Do you like clowns and their games with animals? Today we are going to the circus together with our friend Steve. He will show us clowns and try some of their acrobatic tricks.

How to work with the video?

1. Watch the video for the first time
Watch the video with our friends Steve and Maggie the magpie. How many different clowns does Steve show us?

Steve showed us four different clowns – tall, short, fat and slim.

2. Watch the video for the second time
Watch the video for the second time and follow Steve and his friend Maggie. Which of the clowns has Steve turned into? Repeat after Steve.

3. Exercise with new words
Click on the blue button to open an exercise with further tasks.

4. Watch the video for the third time
Play the video for the last time and repeat the words after Steve and Maggie. Try to imitate their voices.

5. Exercise with the pictures
Now let’s practise new words together with the pictures.

6. Let’s draw clowns and play pairs
Draw a few pictures and play pairs with your parents. Prepare 8 small identical pieces of paper and crayons. Draw a short clown on the 1st and 2nd, a tall clown on the 3rd and 4th, a fat clown on the 5th and 6th and a slim clown on the 7th and 8th piece of paper.

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Gabriela Kašparová
Lector and language consultant. Studied English at the Faculty of Education. Having worked as an English tutor at nursery school, she got experience with working with children with learning disability. During her 8-year experience with teaching adults she has implemented her findings from learning children and has created simple and transparent explanations of complicated grammar features. Teaching both children and adults, she keeps encouraging them not to fear a foreign language and to learn with pleasure.



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