Can you see somebody and you like him/her? Do you want to start conversation with the person? Are you at job interview? Do you give a speech in front of many people? Are you nervous in all these situations? Everybody says you:” Be self-confident!” It is easy to say this but it is very difficult to do it. Is it impossible for you because you do not like your appearance? Read these tips:

1. Show your perfections!

Is there something you like about yourself? Focus on it. Make everybody sees it. Do you like your legs? Wear high-heels and short skirts. Do you like your shoulders? Wear t-shirts which show them. Think about your strengths, not weaknesses. Your self-confidence is here soon.

2. Your friends must be positive!

Many girls meet and talk about their weaknesses. It is “in”. Every girl must hate something about herself. Not many girls say: “I am nice and I am satisfied with my body.” Some girls think out a problem because they want to be like their friends. Do not be often with people who do not like themselves. Are people around you negative? Do not pay attention to them. Find friends who are positive. Think nice about life and yourselves together.

3. Be an actor/actress!

Are you in a situation where you must be self-confident, but you are not? Imagine that you are a film star and you are going to perform an act. Believe it. Now, you must be self-confident because it is in your script.

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Have you found the “one” and do you want to get his/her attention? Are you waiting for a job interview? Is there a speech waiting for you, where you must speak in front of plenty people? You probably would be said to “behave self-confident”. Of course, such a thought had already crossed your mind! However, the thought was followed by a notice about your appearance….Who does not know it? It is high time for you to do something about it and we help you. Read carefully!

1. Do not show your imperfection!

Everybody has some flaws but also many virtues and perfections. Obviously, you cannot hide all your imperfections but you can make more noticeable the masterpieces of your body and soul. Find a positive aspect of your figure or your character and make other see it. Focus on it and let the feeling of self-satisfaction fulfil your mind. Soon, you will notice the results.

2. Surround yourself with self-esteem!

Listening to a dialogue between teenage girls, you might hear insults and complaints about their own bodies. Some girls do not like their appearance and the rest joins not to be left out. We are highly influenced by the environment we live in. Therefore, we tend to take over opinions from people in our surrounding. Therefore, it is essential for your confidence to avoid people who do not think well of themselves. Feel self-esteem around you!

3. Be an actor/actress!

All the previous pieces of advice seem to be well pointed. However, you are just in a stressful situation and need to act immediately? Pretend to be a film star. Close your eyes for a while and imagine yourself as a star who is going to perform an act. Smile and you can manage anything.

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to get one’s attention – to make somebody pay attention to the subject
to cross one’s mind – to come to thoughts, think about something
flaw – a negative characteristic
virtue – a positive characteristic (morally)
insult – an offensive note or talk
to leave out – to exclude, not to include
to tend – to be likely to behave in some way
essential – crucial, indispensable, fundamental, elemental
immediately – at the very moment

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