Are you leaving your house to school or work? It does not necessary mean that you should end your morning English lesson. Take your smart phone or mp3 player, put on your headphones and listen to songs or radio dramas you have downloaded the day before. If you have free access to internet, you can also listen to online podcast. The advantage of listening English radio is that the reporters are native speakers. Of course, you can have difficulties understanding everything what is said. Do not despair. Even the best translators did not understand native speakers, first. So do not feel discouraged by having difficulties getting all what you hear. Sometimes, it can be better if you start with listening radio dramas. Those are available to download so you can stop it and rewind the record back and listen to a knotty part again. Even if you do not understand, you learn the correct pronunciation, intonation and accent. Is not it a productively spent journey to school or work?



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