Jondeau: Lagersfeld’s „Guardmodel“

The famous fashion designer chooses his personal assistant and bodyguard to be the face of the new KARL LAGERFELD collection for men.

Karl Lagerfeld prefers good relationships when he looks for a spokesmodel. Now it is SÉBASTIEN JONDEAU – the face of the Lagerfeld’s men’s collection. Jondeau is his assistant and bodyguard. He will be on the photos of the Spring-Summer 2015 campaign.

Karl Lagerfeld’s guard to perform the Spring-summer collection

The renowned couturier again chose his personal assistant and bodyguard as the spokesmodel of his new menswear collection.

When selecting models, Lagerfeld appreciates lasting relationships more than impulses or fashion fads. There are no doubts about Lagerfeld’s loyalty to Baptiste Giabiconi who is the regular runway and campaign model. This time it is SÉBASTIEN JONDEAU who is going to be the face of the latest Karl Lagerfeld menswear collection.

Jondeau, the designer’s personal assistant, poses in the Spring-Summer 2015 campaign photographed by Lagerfeld on his own, of course.

Apart from that, Jondeau also experienced posing for Fendi and walking for Chanel, the two brands under the couturier’s eponymous label.


renowed – well known
couturier – tailor, dressmaker
spokesmodel – a well-dressed person promoting something
lasting – enduring for a long time
fashion fad – latest fashion feature
runway – catwalk where models present clothes
pose – to show
apart from that – except
experience (sth) – undergo
eponymous – of the same name

related grammar

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