Some gifts are just terrible and they don’t please your partner. If you give them to her, she would probably be really angry. To find out which presents she will appreciate, you should listen to her or ask her best friend.

Here are six things that you should definitely not give to you partner.

A pet

Pets need a care. You spend too much money for vet bills, toys and food. Imagine having a dog. You must get up early in the morning and take your puppy for a walk and train it as often and possible. And if you and your girlfriend broke up, your pet would lose one of his “parents”. In the worst case, the pet might end somewhere in a shelter.


By giving a scale you say: “I don’t like your body.” And that’s just not OK.

Cooking or cleaning equipment

Give this kind of gifts only when someone asks for it. Otherwise, it would mean “make me a sandwich and clean our flat”.


When you go somewhere you can relax. But you must use your vacation time and arrange pet or child care as well. The best trips don’t take much time. Go to a theatre or to a sports event.

Holiday-themed lingerie

This gift is more for you than for your partner. You can’t even wear it year-round!


Never give to your partner the same presents you once gave to you ex-girlfriend! She deserves an original.

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Dear men, face it. Some gifts are just terrible. You simply mustn’t give them to your partner. She probably won’t like them and will be really angry with you. If you want your partner to like the presents, listen to her. People usually talk about the things they would like to receive. And if you still have no idea about appropriate presents, just ask your partner’s best friends.

Here are six things that should definitely not be given to your partner.

A pet

Pets need a lot of care. They cost lots of money. You must pay vet bills, and buy food and toys. The most common pet is a dog. You must get up early in the morning to take your puppy outside, you must train it. And what would you do if you and your girlfriend broke up? Your pet would lose one of its “parents” and in the worst possible case might end up somewhere in a shelter.

A set of scales

When you buy her a scale, she will possibly think – my partner doesn’t like my body. That’s just not OK.

Cooking or cleaning equipment

This gift is a good one only when someone asks for it. If not, your gift means “make me a sandwich and clean our flat”.


Going somewhere for a while is a perfect way to relax. But it also has some disadvantages. You must get time off work, use vacation time or arrange pet or child care. The best trips are those that don’t take much time – for example a trip to a theatre or a sports event.

Holiday-themed lingerie

This gift would be more for you than for your partner, wouldn’t it? And what’s more – you can’t wear it year-round.


Your partner is worth an original gift. Don’t give her the same things you gave to your ex-partner – and it is not important how expensive they were.


receive – get something
appropriate – suitable
shelter – temporary housing for homeless or animals
scale – measuring instrument for weighing
equipment – things you need to do something
disadvantages – the quality that has less favourable position
vacation time – holiday
year-round – continuous throughout the year
worth – valuable



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