The Theory Of Everything

Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) is the main character of the movie, The Theory Of Everything. This film starts in 1963. Stephen studies Cosmology at the Cambridge University. There he meets Jane, a student of Arts (Felicity Jones). They fall in love and get married.

Stephen is absolutely happy. He has his beautiful Jane, everyone at school loves him and he can start a great carrier. But the doctors find out, he has a serious disease. They give him 2 years to live.

This is the story of Stephen and Jane’s desire to fight, for his life. Is love stronger than death? Watch the film!

This James Marsh’s film had ten BAFTA nominations and won three.

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The Theory Of Everything

An amazing story about an amazing person – this would be probably the briefest and most fitting characteristic of this BAFTA winning film.

You can say, it’s too cheesy, too naïve and too pretty to be true. On the other hand, why can’t we just admire a wonderful life of a scientist and let his story to motivate us, because if he has done it, we can do it, too.

Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), and his rises and falls are the main line of the whole film. It takes us back to 1963, when an astonishingly clever Cosmology student meets a beautiful student of Arts, Jane (Felicity Jones), who goes on to become his wife.

Stephen is having the time of his life. He is freshly in love, his colleagues and professors love and admire him and he is about to finish his PhD studies. What more could he ask for? But the higher you fly, the deeper you fall. Literally. All of sudden Stephen slips and hits his head. Later, the doctors discover that his fall wasn’t a result of his clumsiness, but of a motor neuron disease.

With a prospect of two years life left he returns to his Jane. She refuses to give up and the two of them start a fight against his disease and destiny…

This James Marsh’s film is based on an autobiographic book of Jane Hawking.

At the 2015 BAFTA, The Theory Of Everything had been nominated for ten BAFTA awards and won three of them: Outstanding British Film, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay.

If the film really deserved all these awards, I leave it up to you. Definitely worth a watch!


brief – short, to the point
cheesy – sentimental, cheep
rises and falls – successes and failures
astonishingly – in an amazing manner; to everyone’s surprise
go on – to proceed
admire – to have a high opinion of
literally – factually, exactly, in substance
clumsiness – awkwardness
prospect of – there is a possibility that something will happen
give up – to quit trying
worth – if an action is worth doing, it is considered to be important enough for that action

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