Do you want to send a text message to your boyfriend? Do you have no idea what to write him? I am going to give you 7 tips for a nice message. Your boyfriend must love it and he does not forget you the entire day.

1. “My hero, that is what you are to me”

Every man wants to be a hero, especially for his girlfriend. He should behave like one, but you must also support him. Let him know that you appreciate his action. He feels like a king then and he tries to be even a bigger hero every day. You should see how proud he is in front of his friends. You can also add what you like especially. He keeps doing it. He feels good and you support the behaviour that you like.

2. “You are so sexy”

This is a sentence that every man and woman wants to hear or read. Do it for him. Write him how hot he is to you and do not forget to add what is so sexy about him. What makes you crazy when you think about him? Let him know that. He knows what you like and he shows it even more then. He feels good about himself, which is important. You build his self-esteem.

3. “I am looking forward to seeing you”

It is very good message. Every man wants to make his girlfriend happy. This sentence shows him that you love being with him. He sees that you like spending time in his presence and it is not a wasted time for you. You can also add some tip what you might do together next time you see each other. He realizes that you really think about time with him and you want to make it a nice time. He also starts thinking about activities you could do together. You can also come up with some extraordinary activity – boys usually appreciate it.

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Do you love receiving pleasant and loving messages from your partner? It is high time to pay back and show him that you are also able to send him nice and passionate texts. Only one sentence can make your boyfriend happy and build his self-esteem. Moreover, you can hide there some pieces of advice to improve your relation and you make even yourself aware of your love.

1. “My hero – that is what you are”

Surely, you love your boyfriend not only because of his appearance, but for his personality as well. Are you certain that he is aware of the attributes and actions which are highly appreciated by you? Let him know about them. I can tell you that the sentence will make his day. Which man would not like to be held as hero by a girl, his girlfriend especially? Every man would feel splendid and able to manage any obstacle. Add a note what especially make him special. You will see – even though your boyfriend is able to forget the date of your birthday, he will never forget to do what you mention as the reason for your admiration.

2. “You are so sexy”

These words are nice to hear regardless your sex. The impression is even bigger if you read them. So impress your boyfriend and send him this statement as the only sentence in a message. His self-confident strengthens. You can be sure that your next meeting will be unforgettable. In addition, do not hesitate to add one special feature which makes you think so. You will never miss the feature at his personality anymore.

3. “I am looking forward to seeing you”

It is important for every man to be aware of his indispensability. A man needs this feeling not only at his work but he must feel it from the love ones as well. There is a simple way to make him satisfied. Write him how important position he has in your life. Your relation gets to a higher and stronger level after such a message. The man realizes that he has become a part of your life.


self-esteem – believe in oneself
pleasant – making somebody happy, pleased
to pay back – to do or something to somebody, because she/he did something to you previously
aware of – to know about something
certain – exact one
to make one day – to make happy day
to be held – supposed
obstacle – something which blocks one’s way so it is difficult to move forward, proceed
admiration – hight thoughts about something or somebody
regardless – without paying attention to other facts
sex – male or female
impression – the left emotions
to hesitate – linger, not to be absolutely sure about something and still think about it
feature – characteristics
to look forward to – to be happy about something which will come
indispensability – to be necessary

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