4. Do not show your imperfections!

It can take you time to love your body. Now, do not you love your legs? Wear jeans or longer skirts. Do not you like your arms? Wear a nice sweater or a jacket which hide them. Wear it as long as you learn to love your body. Remember – you should learn it!

5. Learn from celebrities!

Can you name your favourite celebrity? They are actors/actress not only in films, but also at interviews, premieres and gala evenings. Watch videos with them and learn from them. How do they walk? How do they talk? You can make notes and use it in your life. You can make your own video too…

6. Ask people around you!

Do not you like your eyes because they are not blue? Your mom loves them because they are like chocolate. Are your legs too long? Your best friend wants to have your legs because you are like a model. Sit for a while with people you like and who know you. Listen to them. They can be a mirror to you. They know you well. They can tell you why you are lovely and special.

7. Love yourself!

It is easy to say it but difficult to do. Take your time. Do not look to mirrors and shops’ windows. Do you think that you are nice? It is enough. You do not have to control yourself. Tell yourself that you are nice! And believe it!

It is difficult to be an actor/actress and pretend to be self-confident but it is more difficult to be really self-confident. What helps you? Share it with us and help us.

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4. Hide your flaws!

It was already suggested to show your perfections. Still, are there features that you consider to be “less lovely”. You can hide them. Wear jeans instead of short skirts if it makes you feel comfortable. However, do not forget that even the imperfections are parts of you. You are hiding them until you learn how to accept and love yourself.

5. Learn from the famous ones!

The actors and actress earn their money for pretending. They do so not only while filming, but even during interviews or at festivals. They are taught how to speak, how to walk, how to behave. They can teach you. Watching your favourite stars, make notes about their behaviour and implement them into your own life. You can set a camera and make a video of yourself. Compare it with the interview you learnt from.

6. Listen to your close ones!

Do not you like your red hair? Your mum does. Would you rather be without the beak nose? Your best-friend envies you because she has a pug nose. Forget for a while your thoughts and listen to people who know you best. You might be surprised what you hear from them. Let them become your mirror for a while.

7. You and your body are one: Love it!

Do you know when you have a perfect body; in the morning, around noon? No, only then when you think you are wonderful. Forget mirrors, shops’ windows, ladle or any other instrument, in which you can see your reflection. You do not need to control every part of yourself. As long as you feel magnificent, you look so.

It is difficult to pretend to be self-confident. Even more challenging is to really possess this faith in oneself. Do you have any other idea how to build one’s self-esteem? Tell us!


feature – a typical possession, mark (e.g.in a face) or characteristic
beak nose – a type of nose, thin and rather long
bug nose – a type of nose, rather small and wider
ladle – a tool used to serve liquid (e.g soup) from a pot in a plate
magnificent – beautiful, splendid, monumental, extremely beautiful

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