Books about Harry Potter are very good and interesting. Children like the story and adults too. You can read about love, friendship, bravery and loyalty. Harry Potter series teaches us many things about life, respect, courage, and true friends. The important facts are:

1. Forget your fear!

Sometimes, we have a problem or we are afraid of something. It is not good and it does not help our lives. Albus Dumbledore says in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that fear of a name makes the fear of the thing bigger. You can solve any problem, because you have power for it. Find the power and do not be afraid!

2. Be smart!

It is cool to be smart. You can solve many problems with this ability. Many people can think you are not cool, but Hermione Granger is smart too. She does not mind what other people think of her. Nowadays, many girls want to be like Hermione.

3. Be happy all the time!

You can be happy at every moment of your life. Do you have some troubles and hard time? There is always hope for happiness. Try to find some good things about the problem. You can do it and it helps you. Bring light to your troubles.

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Harry Potter belongs to bestsellers. It is read not only by children, but adults as well. There must be something more than a simple plot about a wizard boy. There is indeed. While following the adventures of the characters in the wizard world, you can learn more about various aspects of life; loyalty, friendship, and love. Let us discover the most important rules you should keep for a happy life.

1. Do not let fear control you!

Albus Dumbledore says that the more you are afraid of a problem’s name, the worse seems to be the problem itself. Even though you might not know, you are able to solve any problem. Your abilities can serve you well. Just explore them!

2. Be smart!

Being smart is the new fashion. Harry and his friends escaped from many great dangers thanks to the wit of his friend and schoolmate, Hermione Granger. First, she had been laughed at; even by Harry himself. Hermione did not mind what others thought of her. Many girls over the world admire her intelligence and reason since Harry Potter Series is extremely popular all over world.

3. Find happiness at every moment of your life!

You may remember the moment in the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Harry was kept and tied by a killing flower. Harry and Ron were almost killed. Luckily, Hermione saved them. She told them to have hope. That is what saved them. Moreover, you may not only survive a life, but you should enjoy it. Try and search for positive aspects in every moment; even when it is the darkest time. It will help you pass all troubles.

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even though – although
wit – natural reason, natural ability to make a good statement, positive synonym to cunning
to laugh at – to make fun of somebody else, to show that the person is not important
to mind – a situation when something causes a problem to somebody, to annoy
reason – the ability to make a good judgment

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