First dates can be stressful. You would like to look nice and the date to go well. Do you worry about the conversation? Don’t. Read these tips and relax. You are going to have a great time.

Find information

Do not spend hours examining their Facebook. You are going on a date to get to know them. Too much information is possibly going to ruin your expectations. Look for their favourite books, movies, TV shows, etc.

Talk about your date

People like talking about themselves. It is important that you both talk. Let your date to tell you about him/herself too.

Act naturally

This is difficult to do. But do not think about your date too much and do not get overexcited. Just think that you are going for coffee with an old friend. This is going to keep you calm.

First date story

It is good to have a story in which you look good and you are adventures, positive or something else.

Avoid awkward topics

Do not talk about your ex – boy/girlfriends. It is going to be awkward talking about bitter and painful past. It can slow down conversation.

Do not go in with list of questions

Do not cross – question your date. It is a good idea to prepare few questions and listen to what your date is saying. The questions are going to come naturally.

Talk about future

No, I am not saying to talk about your future as a couple. Talk about dreams and career. Talking about something you like is fun.

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Going on a first date can be stressful. You not only want to look good but you want the date to go well too. Do not stress about what you will talk about and relax. Now, read the following tips and I can guarantee your first date will be great.

Do a little research

It is not the best to Facebook stalk all your date best friends and cousins. It is better find out more about their favourite TV shows or books. Knowing too much about your date can ruin your expectations.

Talk about your date

People like talking about themselves. If you run out of subjects to talk about let your date talk about him/herself. If you get lots of short answers and vague informations be careful there. On the other hand if your date is talking too much on him/herself  it is a bad sign too.

Keep it casual

Do not get overexcited by your date. It may result in being more nervous. Take it more like having a coffee with your old friend. The more laid-back you are about the date, the easier conversation will flow.

Have a first date story

Nora Ephron, the famous film director and writer mentions first date stories in her books and she thinks that everyone should keep one for their first dates. It should be a story which makes you adventurous, positive, well rounded etc. However, it should hide those characteristics you do not want the future love to see just yet.

Avoid the awkward topics

Keep way from subjects related to your ex. Understandably it may well get the conversation into the death end. However difficult might that be keep reminding yourself not to.

Don’t go in with a list of questions

It would certainly be easier to have a list of questions at the first date not to feel worried about the conversation flow. Remember this is not an interrogation. It is better to listen what your date is saying and let the conversation flow naturally.

Talk about the future

It is highly unlikely that you would propose marriage on the first date. Do not ask about how they see themselves in their personal life in the future. Ask your date about the future dreams, interests, career targets etc.


guarantee – something that ensures a particular outcome
stalk – pursue or approach stealthily
expectations – strong belief that something will happen
run out of – be short of something, have very little or not enough
vague – indefinite character or meaning
laid back – relaxed and easy going
well rounded – having a mature personality and varied interests
awkward – causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment
certainly – yes; by all means, definitely
interrogation – asking questions of (someone) closely, aggressively or formally

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