4. Do not judge too fast!

Remember! Some characters in Harry Potter Series seem to be nice, but they are not. Dolores Umbridge is one of them. You can think that Severus Snape is a bad person, but he is not. He does not like Harry because he loves Harry’s mother. Harry judges Snape too fast. They do not like each other but at the end of the series, Harry finds out that Snape is a good, brave man.

5. Do not stop!

There are many troubles in a life. Do not be afraid and try to get what you want. You are powerful and you can do it. You must try hard. Harry does it too. It makes you strong. Dumbledore says that our decisions show our real personality, not our abilities.

6. Try to understand other people!

Our friends and members of family are not same as we are. It can cause problems. We do not understand each other. We can quarrel and be mad at each other. Dumbledore says that you have to understand people around you. It shows you how to be a good friend and relative.

7. Enjoy love!

Love is a powerful thing. It makes us strong, and we can solve all our problems. It is more than a feeling. It supports our good abilities. It makes us better persons. It can make world a better place.

What do you think? Do you have any idea? What are other important things that you can find in Harry Potter Serie? Tell us!

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4. Do not judge too fast!

You should keep it in your mind. Every reader of Harry Potter was highly surprised when Severus Snape turned to be a courageous, good man, who was protecting Harry the whole time of his studies. Moreover, Snape was not afraid to put himself into danger for a higher purpose. Moreover, he adored Harry’s mother, Lily. What a surprise! Something similar can happen in your life as well. So keep your eyes open and do not judge people around you on the first impression.

5. Never give up!

You will face many troubles and obstacles during your life. But do not despair. Keep your head up. You are gifted with some abilities, which can help you pass all the troubles. Try to achieve all the goals you set. Same as Harry did. When he was convinced about something, nobody could stop him. Any kind of experience enriches you. Dumbledore says that one cannot change his/her abilities but one can make decisions.

6. Try to understand!

No relationship is perfect. There will always be fights and quarrels. Those are results of a misleading dialogue. You must listen to the other one and open your heart and mind to the words you hear. Only then, you can decide well what to do. You cannot fully forgive if you do not realize the reasons for the action. Understanding helps one to accept and recover. It is very important to know if you want to keep happy relations with people around you.

7. Do not forget to love!

Love is more than a feeling. It is not only about looking through rose-coloured glasses. Love can forgive, give and also suffer. One is willing to sacrifice himself/herself. See? Once it is your decision and part of you, you can manage every kind of trouble and survive even the hardest time.

As the article shows, Harry Potter Series can teach you not only magic spells but give you a lesson about life as well. Did you find any other rule? Share it with us!


purpose – a goal toward which is lead activity
to judge – to decide about somebody else (usually at law court)
courageous – brave
to despair – to feel to be without hope
to be convinced – to be inner decided about an opinion, determined
decision – set statement, opinion, choice
to be gifted – talented, to have naturally some abilities , clever
quarrel – oral fight, disagreement
misleading – bringing to a false opinion, or somebody to believe something which is not true
willing – to be happy and ready to do something
rose-coloured glasses – to accept everything more positiv than it is,or to see only pleasant things

Related Grammar

Modal verbs



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