Start your day with breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know it but not everybody eats in the morning. Some people are not hungry when they get up or do not have time because they need to go quickly to work. But it is very important to all of us to find time in the morning, sit down at the table and eat breakfast before we leave home.

Eating breakfast should become a major part of our days. It gives us energy to do things during the day and helps our metabolism. If you do not eat in the morning, it can take two or three weeks until it will be normal for you to have breakfast every day. It will be a good change for you and your health. At night our body sleeps and is slow but when you eat in the morning you start your metabolism and your body can start working as well. Those people who do not eat in the morning are fatter and eat more sugar during the day. So if you do not want this, start enjoying your morning’s meal!

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Start your day with breakfast!

It is known that we should start a day with a proper breakfast in order to have enough energy for our activities during the day. However, it is not only for that; eating breakfast is also beneficial for our health. During the night our body sleeps and is slow and is awoken by the first meal of the day. Those, who are not used to having breakfast, put themselves at risk. People who do not eat in the morning tend to eat much more sugar and fat food during the day and hurt their metabolism.

So if you are one of those who skip breakfast, but want to make a change, start immediately tomorrow and keep enjoying your breakfast for several days. It is said it takes two or three weeks to physiologically adapt to the addition of breakfast.


proper – [only before noun] suitable for the purpose or situation
adapt – to change something to make it more suitable for a new use or situation
skip – to avoid doing or having something

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