8 parents’ mistakes when teaching kids English and how to avoid them


For almost all parents it is easy to teach children their mother tongue. But when teaching a secondary language in domestic conditions, some mistakes can occure. Let’s uncover these mistakes together and present some tips how to avoid them.

Summary of mistakes and tips how to avoid them

1. Low self-confidence in own capabality teaching a language

Do not hesitate to teach your children English. You know them well and you have already taught them a language.

2. Be too demanding on children

Do not force your children to speak English.

3. Teaching a language separately from an ordinary life

Create natural situations your children can apply English in.

4. Impatience

Let children take their time to accept there is someone talking a different language.

5. Underestimating

Do not underestimate your children. They handle the toys for older with ease.

6. Repetition frequency according to an adult

Revise new vocabulary and phrases often even if you consider it embarrassing.

7. Weak stress on the correct answer

Help children with the correct answer when they struggle. They need to hear the new language correctly from the beginnings.

8. Lack of praise and motivation

Praise your children for correct answers and interest in the new language.

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Gabriela Kašparová
Lector and language consultant. Studied English at the Faculty of Education. Having worked as an English tutor at nursery school, she got experience with working with children with learning disability. During her 8-year experience with teaching adults she has implemented her findings from learning children and has created simple and transparent explanations of complicated grammar features. Teaching both children and adults, she keeps encouraging them not to fear a foreign language and to learn with pleasure.



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