How to employ English into your children’s life


Children are supposed to learn a foreign language in the same way they learn their mother tongue – as a means to say what they want or need.

How to treat a foreign language, then?

1. Practice it at least a while every day

Create usual situations. Revise English vocabulary in phrases during your breakfast and involve smoothly your child. “An apple? Hmm, or a banana? Apple, yes. I love apples. And for you, Tom?
You can also name things and activities while playing with toys or doing some activities.

2. Use suitable words

Use the words the children use every day. Children hardly ever work or pay, so don’t use verbs like “pay” or “work”. You’d better start with “go“, “play“, “eat“, etc. Concerning nouns use greetings, colours or numbers

3. Make children curious

A storytelling, a riddle or a secret are great means to improve your teaching. Create a mystery path with English tasks or objectives for your children. They won’t think about the language but they will use it naturally. Do not forget to place a reward at the end of the path.

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Gabriela Kašparová
Lector and language consultant. Studied English at the Faculty of Education. Having worked as an English tutor at nursery school, she got experience with working with children with learning disability. During her 8-year experience with teaching adults she has implemented her findings from learning children and has created simple and transparent explanations of complicated grammar features. Teaching both children and adults, she keeps encouraging them not to fear a foreign language and to learn with pleasure.



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