Everybody wants to have a perfect figure and hear how brilliant he/she looks. Do you want to be same? You are maybe working at office but it does not mean that you should not work out and look great. You know what to do. Start training. Of course, it is much better and more effective if you hire your personal trainer. His/Her services are unfortunately not for free. Just the opposite. It is pretty costly/expensive investment. You are also paying to someone, who should become some kind of your friend. This person is trying to get to your dream and s/he watches you struggling, sweating. Once you pay some services, you want the personal trainer to be a trustworthy, reliable, nice but also strict person along your side.

1. Is training new for you?
Are you just starting with working out? It is good to be motivated but better than to do exercise at home is to go to gym. Are you already there? You might have problem to know how to use all those training machines properly. Do not despair. The gym is full of experts, who are ready to give you piece of advice and they also offer the possibility to train you. Use it. A personal trainer can also tailor a workout specific to your needs. You can make out more of the time spent at gym with the help from a specialist. So you do not have to waste time because you do not know what to do.

2. Can you reach your goals or are they overrated?
I suppose that each of us wants to look like some model or famous person. Would you like to be like an actor, actress or a model? That is a good goal but do you want to change in 2 weeks? Does it mean that you should lose 40 kilos and strengthen a lot? Maybe, your goals are too high. It is good to talk to a trainer. S/he can give you many pieces of advice: what moves to do, how often to work out. You can also ask, whether it is possible to change your figure so fast.

3. Do you prefer working out alone or with other people
Everybody is different. Somebody likes travelling, working alone. Such a person might tend to go to gym alone as well. There are some people, who rather spend their time and doing activities in company. This article does not decide what is better for training. It does not matter what type of person you are. You just need to know it, accept it and plan your training routine according to the fact. Do you prefer working out alone? That is all right. Grab your headphone, prepare some snack and drink and head to gym or outside. You can listen to music and does not need to talk to anybody. You do not have to wait for anybody and you focus on training. In case that you are sociable person, do not be afraid and ask your friends to join you. You can start by playing some fast game and then, split and do your training separately. You can rest for a while and talk with your friends. You can also feel more motivated because you know that they are looking at you. Still, a personal trainer can be a good support.

4. Does it happen often that you are injured?
It is very good that you want to work out and you are motivated to go to a gym. When you enter gym, watch the other people first. You can observe that many of them are doing the exercise wrong, Some exercising persons are using too heavy weight. Such a work does not help and can also cause an injury. Avoid this risk from the very beginning and consult and cooperate with a personal trainer, who controls the correctness and effectiveness of your work-out.

5. Is your whole body trained?
Everybody has a problematic part of body. Women usually focus on bellies, bottoms or legs. Men tend to work out their shoulders, arms, six-packs and backs. It can happen that one has certain part of body fully trained but the rest is not that presentable. Is it your case as well? Do you focus only on some areas of your body? Do you admit that you miss some parts of your figure? It is high time to call a personal trainer. S/he helps you to get a perfect figure; the whole figure.

Life is full or struggling and difficult decisions. Do you want to look like a famous actor or actress? Do not worry, you are not alone. Almost everybody does. It is better to feel rather motivated than desperate. Are you willing to spend some time at gym or even outside? That is perfect! Still, there is a question you need to answer. Do you need a personal trainer? Obviously, the famous people, whose great appearance is a must and a part of their job description, have one. Their trainers tailor a perfect training for them, s/he checks them, motivated them. Moreover, the meal plan of the famous stars is also set by the trainers. Well, it is difficult to look perfect and have gorgeous figure, is not it? But….you are not any star? Nobody prepares you meal, correct? Do you spend most of the time at office? Therefore, your answer to the question whether to have a trainer may sound negative. You do not need any training specialist. But wait! I have five specific questions for you to answer them before you really give up the idea of gaining yourself a personal trainer.

1. Is the whole “gym process” new for you?
Have you decided to start working out? Thumbs up! Exercising outside in park or even outside a city can help you relax and get rid of anxiety. Still, nobody has time to travel out of city every day and it is not splendid, sunny weather every single day. Therefore, I recommend you to sign up in a gym as well. The very bog positive is not only the possibility to work out regardless weather conditions but it motivates you highly. The true is that you have to pay rather indispensable amount of money. Still, it worth it. Firstly, you go there because you have already paid the membership fee. So you go there. Second, once you are there you might feel motivated by seeing other people working out as well as you are going to. Moreover, you can feel that you might be watched as well so you perform the exercise as well as possible. Still, nobody comes to a gym and knows exactly how to use all the ‘weird looking’ machines. Therefore, it is best to hire a personal trainer. S/he will explain you how to use them and how to use them effectively.

2. Are not your set goals achievable?
There is nothing wrong to wish to look perfect and to have some exact requirements. Those ideas can motivate you perfectly. On the other hand, you should consider the probability of reaching the set goal. If you worked out for some time period and the wished results did not come, you would be highly disappointed and you might even stop practising. That is not the way. You need to be brought back to the reality. A personal trainer is perfect for such a purpose. S/he is experienced and knows how a body works. The trainer tells you what you might be able to achieve and more importantly, how to gain your goals quite fast and with less effort because s/he is aware of plenty of exercise types and s/he can choose the most suitable for you.

3. Do you enjoy working out in company?
People are different. Some of us prefer walking out alone as well as jogging and working out. There is nothing wrong about it. You just need to realize it and practise it alone. Others need to be with other people in order to enjoy doing sport properly. In addition, they get the feeling that they are seen by the rest of exercising people at gym and feel motivated to perform all the exercises perfectly. Are you one of those persons? Congratulation. A personal trainer can do the part. S/he will activate you and watch you. Moreover, the trainer does not tend to chat a lot with the working one during exercising. So no distraction. In addition, there is a person who is really watching you all the time. I can assure you, you will sweat twice more since you try to do it properly.

4. Do not you want to get hurt?
You do not need to watch other people working out alone for a long time and you would be able to write down a list of bad habits they have – not breathing correct, exercising with too heavy weight or curved backs. Not only do not they achieve their goals and they do not get six-pack (at least not so fast) but there is also a high chance of getting hurt. Sure, you want to avoid any trouble or injure. A personal trainer is a perfect solution. S/he can teach you and correct you during training.

5. Do you have uneven body figure?
Everybody has some problematic part of own figure. There are exercises, which are focused especially on these areas. Women talk about their bellies, bottoms or legs. Men are obsessed with their chests, backs and arms. But what if one looks like combination of Rambo’s chest and arms and Donald Duck’s legs. Not quite the hit, right? And what about firm and stony abs and tiny, weak arms? Also not the sexiest combination. Therefore, it is good to combine the exercise and change the target of your exercising and that is, what a trainer is good for as well. S/he is expert so the trainer can tailor you a suitable plan just for you so you achieve your goals in a shorter time period and you do not cause yourself any injury by doing the exercise wrong. S/he prepares training plan so you focus on different parts of your figure.

So is there any hesitation in getting your own personal trainer? Have you ever had one? Are you going to hire one?


to struggle – to experience some difficulty
thumbs up – good for you (one)
anxiety – a feeling of being nervous or worried
to recommend – to give a piece of advice in order to make somebody to do something
condition – particulary state of something
regardless – not considering some fact
indispensable – not able to be without
be worth – to be that much important to do something
weird – not normal
hire – to pay to get something/someone for some time
achievable – able to reach, get
exact – precise
requirement – something needs to be done, happen
probability – possibility that something happen
to gain – to get
to consider – to think about something really carefully
to take into account – to consider some fact while thinking about something think about something
to be aware – to know something
effort – performed high level of aim in order to achieve some goal
properly – right, very carefully
distraction – something which does not allow you to focus properly
to sweat – to produce body water (especially, when it is hot weather) appearing on a human body
curved – shaped, bowed
belly – the part of a human body between chest and hips
to be obsessed – to think about something very often (being it rather bothering)
Donald Duck – an animal, close to chicken (also a cartoon character)
abs – muscles in the stomach area
target – goal
suitable – fitting



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