British researchers claim that you can appear more attractive if you drink wine. Watch out, it should not be more than one glass. Someone who drinks more may seem to be drunk. And no one wants to spend some time with such a person. On the other hand, the research shows that you are not so attractive if you are sober.

The study collected a group of 20 men and 20 women and all of them get a series of photos. There are people in the pictures and the group of 40 people should rate their attractiveness.

The people in the pictures are drinking wine but various amount of wine. Some of them are drinking 250 ml of wine, other are drinking 500 ml of wine.

All the models are also pictured/photographed sober. So, the series of pictures also include all the models sober.

Almost all the people who are rating say that the models are more attractive in the picture where they are drinking a glass of wine (250 ml) than in the pictures where they are sober.

On the other hand, the models that drink more than one glass of wine are not so popular. They get even lower ranking than the sober models.

The researchers think that drinking wine increases blood flow and it causes face blushing.

The person who drinks a little bit is more likely to smile more and to be more relaxed. It is important that you do not drink too much. No one is willing to be an alcoholic.

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British researches came up with a new study which shows that drinking of an adequate amount of wine can make one look sexier than being sober. On the other hand, drinking more than set amount makes the opposite effect and people rather avoid any contact with such a person.

The researchers set a study, in which they asked 20 men and 20 women to watch given photos of models and to rate them according to their attractiveness.

The series of photos were depicting models who had drunk a glass of wine (250ml) and 2 glasses of wine (500ml). All of them were also depicted sober.

The participants rated the models as the most attractive who were depicted after drinking one glass of wine, which means 250ml of wine. They were claimed to be even more attractive than in the pictures where they were sober.

On the other hand, the models who had been photographed after drinking 2 glasses of wine (500 ml) were not rated as high as in the pictures depicting the same models sober.

The researchers explain that increased blood flow causes the face blushing, which is the reason for the higher allure.

Therefore, if one drinks light (comparing to the set amount of wine), it might be visible in his/her smile and the person tends to be rather relaxed.


to come up with– to suggest some idea
adequate – appropriate, satisfactory
sober – to have no alcohol in a body, not to be affected by alcohol
set – given, prepared
to make effect –to cause a reaction
to rate – to judge or consider some property, attribute or character
attractiveness – the attribute of a person or thing causing an interest of other people
model – a person who shows something (usually in fashion wearing some clothes) in order to be watched or photographed
participant – a person who takes a part in some activity
blood flow – the movement of blood in veins through a human’s body
to allure – to shine, to show (usually some attractiveness, excitement)
comparing – to compare two and more facts or things and being visible some differences
visible – possible to be seen
to tend – to have the tendency to do something, to prefer something or some activity

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