4. Secret signal you both know

Not every couple decided to use this way of non-verbal communication. But give a try. Choose the movement, behaviour, quote that only you two understand. The meaning is obvious – one of you would like to spend unforgettable time with the other one. Brilliant is that nobody else understands so you can also use the feature at public as well.

5. Kiss his neck

Did he immerse himself in to some action such as playing computer game? Do you want to spend time with him? There is an easy and old trick. Step behind and kiss him slowly on his neck. Let him enjoy the moment and then move to another part of his body. You can continue on his chest. I can assure you that he forgets gaming and your activity is the only thing he can think about.

6. Go direct on him

Are you trying some of the previous tips, but it does not work? Does not he understand your subtle hints? Do not despair. There is a lot easier and direct method. Just take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. Look long and sexy into his eyes and he knows what you are proposing, undoubtedly.

7. Change your clothes in front of him

In the case that you are partners for a longer time, it is possible that you are used to change in front of each other. It might lose its charm. Is not it pity? Make it special a bit again. Change your clothes in front of him and do it slower that you are used to. You can also continue with moisturizing your skin with body cream. He does not let you finish dressing.
Those are my tips to show your partners that you are in the mood and you do not need to use a single word. Is not it great? Are you going to try one? Tell us!

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4. Share a secret signal

If you are already a longer time together you might think up a secret move that nobody except you two understand. It can be a real move, a gesture or even a statement. Anytime one of you uses it, the other one is aware of the other one’s feelings and wishes. The brilliant point about this tip is that really nobody can understand it so it can be used even at public. If you share the feelings, you can head home or start searching for a calm place.

5. Start with his neck

This suggestion is an old and simple way to show him what you feel and want but it works every time. Without asking him first, approach him and kiss him slowly and gently on his neck. Even better would be to stay behind him so he cannot prepare himself. Be sure that he will not make any objections to your care. Especially, if you do not stay at his neck, he will be highly satisfied. Still, do not hurry and linger for a while before moving to another spot of his body.

6. Be direct

In a case that you have already tried some of my suggestions and your partner did not get it, you might find this tip very effective. Just be more direct. Wear nice lingerie and dress in which you feel sexy and while smiling attractive, push him softly toward your bedroom. He would have to be a stone not to understand this action

7. Change your clothes in front of him

To see the other partner changing clothes might become a common part of a day after a while in a relationship. However, if you make an effort, you can perform an outstanding show only for him. Wait until he is in bed and start undressing yourself. Tease him and be slow. In addition, you might tinge your performance with some seductive music.

Those are my suggestions which you might use for telling him you are in the mood without actually saying him. Have you already tried some of them? Let us know!


currently – at the present time
issue – distributed for sale
according to – corresponding to
cover – thing put over another thing as a protection or decoration
play life –  to perform really

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