Do you want to spend nice moments with your partner? There are tips to tell it to your boyfriend in an extraordinary way. You can do it without saying a word. These introduced types of manners reveal your mood to your loved one. It is even sexier. Let me suggest you 7 of them.

1. Kiss him properly

Kissing is important in a relationship. No couple forgets it and kisses often, especially at the beginning of the relation. Later on, the intense kisses can lose their passion and transform into kind and gentle ones. Those are also nice but they do not show the sexual desire. Wake up the kisses full of passion that you were giving to each other at the start of the relationship. You can also lean on him and let your body show him your feelings and intention.

2. Wear nice lingerie

This suggestion can enjoy both of you. Choose some of your nice bra and panties that you like and wear nothing else. Go to the room where your partner is and behave normal. You should feel self-confident. It is even better if you wear the lingerie he loves. I can assure you – regardless his activity, he has only you on his mind since you enter. He does not watch only ;)

3. Wear short dress

Choose the dress that is really short and offers a good view. You can feel sexy because you are. When you are with your partner, give him the chance to check your beautiful legs. It might happen that you drop something and you need to pick it up. Do it slowly and let him peep. When you catch his eyes, smile at him and give him a wink. He gets the message.

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Are you watching your boyfriend and do you just feel that you love him and you are in the mood to play with him? Is there a problem because you are in public? Do not you just want to tell him directly? No problem! I am here to suggest 7 ways to show him your feelings without saying a single word. Here they are:

1. Kiss him properly

It is pretty normal to spend a long time kissing each other passionate when you are at the beginning of your relationship. However, this might slightly change as the relationship proceeds. The kisses change into sweet, trustworthy ones. Those are also nice but they lack the tension and the flame. Just bring it back easily. Take your time and give him such a kiss that there is no doubt of what you want. You can also lean against his body. It will intensify the effect.

2. Wear some lingerie

You will enjoy this tip as well. Just open your wardrobe and choose the lingerie, your favourite bra and panties, and put it on. You should be also sure that it belongs to his beloved ones. On the other hand, which piece of your lingerie your boyfriend does not like as long as you wear nothing else… Once you are dressed in the chosen lingerie, wear some perfume and walk into the room he is. Just show yourself and I can assure you. Regardless how important activity he will be on, he will forget it and you will be the only thing on his mind.

3. Wear a short dress with a cleavage

Are you about to have dinner or any other type of meal together? There is a very simple and rather subtle way to show him your intention. Still, it works well. Ask him to open a bottle of wine. While he is struggling with the cork, go to your room and dress up his favourite dress. Still, do not forget to choose one which are rather short and have low neck. He will be amazed. In the case that you do not get right down to “it” and get to your meal, it should happen that you drop something and obviously, you must pick it up. While bending yourself, let him peep to the areas that every man loves. If you catch him looking, you can wink. After this, he will be utterly sure what you would like to do instead of eating.

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passionate – to be or to do something with strong feelings, emotions
to proceed – to get to a higher level of some activity, to continue
to lack – to miss something, something is not available
flame – the yellow-red part of fire
no doubt – to be highly certain, sure of something
to intensify – to make some quality even bigger, stronger
to lean against – to give one’s weight at somebody/something else
lingerie – women’s underwear, bra and panties
regardless – despite, not to pay attention to some fact
intention – the direction of your activity, goal, plan of activity
cork – a bottle’s closing, usually a wine bottle
to struggle – to have a problem to do something and usually asks for making a great effort to manage it
low neck – cut at a dress (women’s one) below a neck
amazed – to be highly impressed
to peep – to look quickly and in secret
to bend – to move one’s body so it is not straight
to pick up – to get something from a lower to higher position
utterly – complete, extreme

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