The summer is here and it means choosing the best option where to spend the holidays. You can visit your favorite place or explore new destinations.

zakynthos_beach (1)

One of the most favorite holiday destinations in Europe is Greece. You can enjoy relax on the wonderful beaches or you can be active and join the flotilla sailing. Group of maximum ten yachts sails by the Greek islands and you can enjoy diving or snorkelling in clearly blue water.

The most popular islands to visit during your sailing trip are Cyclades, because you find there a lot of bars and clubs. If you are not a fan of partying, you can visit Santorini. This place is known thanks to the traditional white houses.

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More exotic way how to spend your active holidays is visiting Zanzibar. It’s not only exotic, but also romantic. Because you can book a trip with traditional Zanzibar’s boats and explore this beautiful island. The best way how to see dolphins or whales is going through the conservation area.

The Caribbean can be the best option if you like yachting. There are many islands you can visit during your trip. There you can drink traditional alcohol on the beach and just relax.

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If you don’t need beaches and hot weather, you can choose Norway for your summer holiday. In the north, you can see wild animals during kayaking or you can visit fjords in the south.

Another great experience for animal lovers can be in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Every year you can see thousands of whales coming to the bay.

It’s summer time again and all our plans can come true. We can finally enjoy the sun and visit new places.

zakynthos_beach (1)

Greece is the right place, where you want to be in this time. Beautiful beaches, traditional villages and relaxing mood are what you can expect from this lovely place. There are more ways how to enjoy your holidays, but the flotilla of sailing is one of the best.

Together with other sailors, you can sail around the Cyclades that are famous for the quantity of bars and clubs. Another world is hiding in Santorini, where you can see clearly white houses that are typical for this place.

Zanzibar (1)

Another beautiful place, you can choose for your active holidays, is Zanzibar. And the way, you can explore the island, is really amazing. You can book a dhow (traditional boat) trip and sail across the island. During the trip through the conservation area you can see dolphins or whales.

It seems that the Caribbean is the right place for yachting holiday. You can choose many different ways between small islands and all of them are really beautiful.

Norway_fjords (1)

If you are not a fan of really hot weather, Norway can be the option where to spend your water holiday. You don’t meet dolphins there, but Polar Bears are also great. You can book a trip and go kayaking in the wild nature in the north or visit typical fjords in the south.

Animal lovers can enjoy their holiday around Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, because in the ocean you can find big blue whales, dolphins, seabirds or seals. The scenery is also amazing thanks to wonderful beaches and clear blue water.


enjoy – to receive pleasure from
mood – a particular state of mind or emotion
sailor – a person who operates a sailboat
hide – to put or keep out of sight
explore – travel in for the purpose of discovery
across – from one side of to the other
spend – to pass (time) in a specified manner or place
scenery – a view of natural features



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