Six gifts your partner would not like

Some gifts are just terrible and they don’t please your partner. If you give them to her, she would probably be really angry. To...

7 important things that Harry Potter Series taught us

Books about Harry Potter are very good and interesting. Children like the story and adults too. You can read about love, friendship, bravery and...

TOP 7 strategies help you to achieve your goal

We all have our goals. There are a lot of goals we want to achieve. Do you have goals? This article helps you to achieve...


Each successful presentation should contain phrases and expressions that lead the audience makes it easy to understand give an idea of it's lenght and content The sentences below...

Business Meeting

The purpose of business meetings is a discussion of a particular topic, issue or problem with the intent of sharing information and finding possible...

Small talk

Make lists in English

Are you about to go shopping, packing your luggage for a journey or do you need to manage a plenty of activities a next...

Commute with English

Are you leaving your house to school or work? It does not necessary mean that you should end your morning English lesson. Take your...

Rainbow and It’s Colours

Everybody likes a rainbow and it's colours. Steve invited us for a walk under the rainbow. Watch the video and see what happend.

We Are Throwing Big Dice

We like games and we often use a die. Steve has got one big die. He is going to play with Maggie. Join them in the game.

The Past Tense

The Present Tense

Present Perfect

Modal verbs



The Future Tense

Genitive Case

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